LEAD South Dakota


LEAD Highlighted by Washington Post for Its Work

LEAD South Dakota was featured in the Washington Post because of its work to promote women to office in Sioux Falls and across the state. LEAD is raising up a new class of candidates working to transform the local and state political landscape.

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LEAD (Leaders Engaged And Determined) South Dakota fights for women and families by mobilizing grassroots political action and training and equipping leaders.

Our Core Values
Inclusion, Civility, Action, Social Justice, and Empowerment

We’re Building a Community of Supportive Women.
LEAD organizes and develops events to encourage and educate those who support an increased presence of women leaders in South Dakota politics and community organizations. We provide opportunities for individuals to connect, develop new skills, and discover opportunities for becoming more involved in their communities and government.

 We’re Building a Community of Politically Engaged Women.
LEAD’s training workshops serve as a resource to help women become more politically involved. From basic skills training to candidate recruitment and training, LEAD aims to grow the number of women involved at all stages of the political process and nurture the growth of those already engaged.

We’re Building a Statewide Movement.
LEAD gives women and their supporters a platform to connect, support, and engage in each other’s political involvement. By combining our efforts through LEAD, women from across our state can help shape the future in South Dakota. 

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